16 Apr 2019

Tesla Coil Calculator

This Project is base on goqt, main purpose is make the calculate of Tesla Coil system more simpile.

What it can do

  1. Calculating inductance and resonance frequency of primary coil
  2. Calculate inductance, resonance frequency, parasitic capacitance of secondary coil
  3. Calculation of Coupling Coefficient between Secondary Coil and Primary Coil
  4. Calculating arc length
  5. Calculate the topload capacitance (spherical, annular top loadcapacitance)
  6. Calculating Quality Coefficient of Tesla Coil
  7. MultiLang support (now support Chines & English)

Where i can got it

  1. Just use you browser to visit https://github.com/sndnvaps/tesla_calculator/releases
  2. Get the last release version
  3. for Windows platform download *-win-86-en-US.zip, for Linux platform download *-en-US-x86_64.AppImage

App show time

pic_mainform.png pic_all_forms.png pic_all_forms-en-US.png

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